Mohamed Gourashi

Member Title: Information Management, QMS, Data Science
Organization: EtihadRail



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I have worked in many businesses in a wide range of disciplines and fields, including Oil and Mining, Ports, Nuclear Energy, Transportation and Project Management. 

My work has involved highly diverse activities including information systems analysis, design and implementation; writing (policies, procedures, forms, internal and external communications, plans, reports, contract requirements, proposals, service agreements, etc.) talent acquisition and management of large staff pools; development of training programs; training large numbers of staff at all levels; change management – and a much longer list than I can include in a cover letter. 

I’ve spent the past Ten years based in Abu Dhabi setting up IM and DM Centers for different government organizations. My remit was originally Abu Dhabi but expanded to include the UAE, with frequent involvement in projects in Qatar, KSA and Sudan as well. I was deeply involved in most of the entities major/mega projects. I can supply excellent references from this and earlier work. 

On the top of my Bsc. Computer Science, ongoing PMP and MBA, my education has been gained in the field of information management systems in nearly every case – my philosophy regarding learning comes from the very old-school notion of apprenticeship – that if one wants to become proficient in any area of interest, there is no substitute for hands-on experience gained while working with the top people in the field, and that there is no substitute for passionate interest and curiosity. I have always sought out the people and situations that provide the maximum quality, highest standards and greatest. When warranted, I have earned certificates in focused areas relevant to the work at hand.

My passion are: Setting up effective Enterprise Content Solutions, EDMS, ECMS, QPPMS from initial stage to UAT and Deployment; And setting up Organizations Information Management Centers and Document Management and Control Centers (Strategy, Polices, Plans, Procedures and Processes). I love the challenges of figuring out what’s not working and building effective systems/solutions in collaboration with the people who depend on them, and that of building maximum buy-in among staff at all levels