Mohamed Babiker

Member Title: - Director, Programs and Systems Directorate
Organization: - Sudanese Electricity Holding Company (SEHC)

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Educational Qualifications:
– M.Sc. (Distinction) in Electrical Energy Systems, Cardiff University, UK. (January 2010).
– B.Sc. (Honour), Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Second Class Division Two, Khartoum University, Sudan (July 2000).


He Y, Jenkins N, Wu J, Eltayeb M, ICT infrastructure for smart distribution networks, 2010 IEEE International Symposium on Power Line Communications and Its Applications (ISPLC), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil , (2010) 319-324


Training Sessions:
– Extensive English course – Mayfield College, Brighton, England (1991) – 2 months.
– SINAUT Spectrum data entry course – SIEMENS PTD, Khartoum Sudan (2004) – 4 months.
– SINAUT Spectrum Distribution Management System (DMS) applications course – SIEMENS AG, Nurnberg Germany (2005) – 3 months.
– Effective Leadership and Initiation of Working Teams – International Center for Total Quality, Khartoum Sudan (2006) – 2 weeks.
– Automatic Generation Control, Egyptian Electricity Holding Company, Cairo Egypt (2006) – 2 weeks.

– SCADA, Oracle, UNIX system administration and Networking – Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT), Bangkok Thailand (2007) – 50 days.
– Oracle 10g database administration, APTECH Computer Education, Khartoum Sudan (2008) – 2 months.
– Database Management, SCADA Software and Interface Software, Nari Technology Development Co., State Grid Corporation of China, Nanjing, China (2010) – 3 months.


– Sudanese Electricity Holding Company (SEHC)  January 2017 Up to date,

Director, Programs and Systems Directorate
Technical and managerial full administration of the departments of System Administration and Database Administration.


-Sudanese Electricity Transmission Company (SETCO)
January 2011 December 2016
Manager of the Systems and Programs Department
Leading the SCADA department technically and managerially. Supervising the management and
maintenance of two different SCADA systems; (SINAUT Spectrum) from SIEMENS
Germany and (OPEN3000) from NARI China. Supervising the integration of national grid
extensions in the two systems in coordination with other related departments. Representing the SCADA in company internal meetings and in inter-companies meetings for negotiation, follow up and commissioning of new
projects. Preparing monthly and half-annual reports on SCADA
performance technically and managerially.


– National Electricity Corporation (NEC) February 2007 January 2011

Head of SCADA Unit – National Load Dispatch Centre
System administration under Unix SUN Solaris, the operation and maintenance of SCADA servers, User Interfaces, BARCO Wall (40cellsx100cmx80cm display
screen), printers and plotters hardware and software wise, as well as the operation and updating of the control systems (SINAUT Spectrum and OPEN3000) by adding new extensions of national electricity grid in the form of Single Line Diagrams, database modifications and update of the  Energy Management System parameters


– National Electricity Corporation (NEC) – Sudan April 2005 February 2007
Head of the Distribution Management System (DMS) and Head of the Data Entry
(EMS/DMS) – National Load Dispatch Centre The SINAUT Spectrum DMS is the SIEMENS application package of monitoring, analyzing and managing the distribution network in which I had the experience of setting, modeling,
tuning and operating the following applications:
 GIS Interface to DMS.
 Outage Management System.
 Graphical Query.
 Switching Procedure Management.
 Distribution System Power Flow.
 Optimal Feeder Reconfiguration.
 Fault Isolation and Service Restoration.
 Fault Location.
 Volt-Var Control


– National Electricity Corporation (NEC) – Sudan
August 2004 April 2005
Data entry team member – National Load Dispatch Centre
The data entry team and I entered most of the required data for the
monitoring, analysis and management of the electricity network in Sudan. The project was achieved with SIEMENS as
contractor and LAHMEYER INTERNATIONAL as consultant; the project involved SCADA/Energy Management
System/Distribution Management System; a control system package of SIEMENS which is known as SINAUT Spectrum.


National Electricity Corporation (NEC) – Sudan December 2003 August 2004
Protection engineer I was setting, maintaining and calibrating protection relays of all fields in generation (differential, loss of excitation, over/under frequency, reverse power and negative phase sequence relays), transmission (distance, differential, overcurrent and earthfault relays) and distribution (overcurrent, earthfault and differential relays)


National Electricity Corporation April 2003 December 2003
Operation engineer
I was working as a shift engineer responsible for maintaining the national electricity grid stability and coordinating between the  (NEC) – Sudan generation, transmission and distribution working teams to ensure a firm dispatch of power and well functioning and maintained grid components.


National Electricity Corporation (NEC) – Sudan – July 2002 April 2003
Power system  engineer
I had training periods each is almost one month in each of the following:
 Um Haraz training center (two months).
 Protection division.
 Transmission lines division.
 Grid operating & control division.
 Telecommunications division.
 Khartoum North thermal power station (steam) (180 MW).
 Roseires hydro power station (280 MW).
 Port Sudan thermal power station (diesel) (28 MW).
 Planning & projects directorate.


Khartoum North Power Station – Sudan November 2000 November 2001 Trainee engineer
I participated in the maintenance of:
 30 & 60 MW steam turbine generators.
 6.6, 3.3 & 0.415 kV transformers, motors & switchgears.
 Motorized valve actuators.
 Essential service diesel generators (electrical side).
 Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).
 Ventilation & Lighting.


The Engineering Circle Ltd (TEC) – Sudan
June 1997 October 1997
Trainee engineering student
TEC is a firm of engineering consultancy specialized in industry and power generation, transmission and distribution. I participated in supervising the electrical activities during the construction phase of the 100 tons
ElSayed Flour Mills in Khartoum North (Sudan). I joined the  Electrical & Maintenance Department during the trial