Ministry of Irrigation & Water Resources

Member Title: Water Resources Planning
Organization: Water Resources



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The ministry is specialized in:

  • Designing and submitting water engineering projects, evaluating and approving engineering designs and supervising their implementation.
  • Management, operation and maintenance of irrigation services facilities projects.
  • Conducting scientific research in the fields of hydraulic water, irrigation equipment, riverbeds, floods, sludge and all related to the development, modernization and operation of irrigation facilities and water resources.
  • Operate and manage reservoirs efficiently and effectively and supervise their maintenance.
  • Develop policies and plans for the development, development, modernization and rational use of water resources.
  • Monitor, collect, analyze and evaluate water resources in the country.


The Ministry has an Upcoming workshop on:

Water Resources Planning and Management in Sudan

Challenges and Opportunities
30-31 Dec 2019


For more information regarding the workshop kindly click the tabs below: