Mehad Nasreldin

Member Title: Motivational speaker, Trainer, Social Charity Worker, Coach & Mentor
Organization: Sudan Volunteer Organization for Motivation (SVOM)



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Dr. Mehad is a distinguished young personality who became a public figure at the age of 19. She is a Motivational speaker, trainer, social charity operation worker, a coach and a mentor to many young Africans.


In October 2014 She founded Sudan Volunteer Organization for Motivation (SVOM), an organization committed to reorientate Sudanese youth to have mental hygiene and to build up young citizens who would make Sudan a great nation and by extension the African continent. She has since them work in different projects for the advancement of mental intelligence and ealth and Human capital development. Dr.Mehad is a well respected speaker and well known for her style of speaking.


Dr.Mehad represented the Strong Independent African Women in February 2018 at the International Youth Society, held in Nepal, where she was the youngest keynote speaker. Following her remarkable speech on “Why Motivation is Essential in Our Lives” on TEDx, Dr.Mehad was chosen to be Tourism Ambassador biggest digital marketing company in Sudan(emarketing).


Dr. Mehad Nasreldin hold Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) from National Ribat University faculty of medicine and is a student of the Online Speaker University.