PD Dr. Khalid Siddig

Member Title: Senior Researcher/ Associate Professor
Organization: Humboldt-University of Berlin / University of Khartoum

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Khalid Siddig is an agricultural economist with over 19 years of experience in academia and research. Evidenced by internationally peer-reviewed publications, most of his research focuses on the development of economy-wide simulation models. His research interests include examining the trade-offs and synergies amongst the production and use of water, energy and food in developing countries under the dynamics of climate, policies and population, including distributional, economy-wide and regional implications. Geographically, his research focuses on Africa and the Middle East. He currently teaches several courses on simulation modeling and economic development. He is a Senior Researcher at the Department of International Agricultural Trade and Development of Humboldt-University of Berlin, an Associate Professor of Agricultural Economics at the University of Khartoum, Sudan and a GTAP Research Fellow, Purdue University, USA (2016-2019). Before joining Humboldt-University of Berlin, he worked at the University of Hohenheim, Germany and UNCTAD, Switzerland.