Isam Hagmusa, PhD

Member Title: Management Strategy Development
Organization: Gulf Business Machiness B.S.C.

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Analytical strategist where manages analyses that will provide valuable benchmarking for management as well as timely insights to various departments and/or line of Businesses. Isam analyses long-term market trends for the purpose of providing recommendations to leadership and management across the business in regard to business profitability, inclusive of shared services’ performance.

Isam is also responsible for the management and development of the resources utilization’s KPI in order to facilitate analysis and reporting of performance against plans and budgets as well as strategic objectives. As a Strategy Manager, Isam manages the development of weekly/quarterly/annual performance reports for the business’s leaders as well as facilitating cross-functional performance reviews for this leadership.

Management Strategy Development (ITIL Expert, ISO20k Certified
Consultant, VeriSM Plus, SIAM Professional)
king a nice balance between time, money and quality.



14 years 10 months
RDM, Skills & Cloud Delivery Leader 2015 – Present  Head Office


Technical Delivery Manager
2005 – 2015 (11 years)
GCC – Middle East
Manage implementation projects to closures ranging from small to large scale.
Up-selling & manage customers’ satisfaction.
Managing relationships with Partners.
Negotiate & agree SOW, contracts, commercials & MOU.
Manage resources.
Develop Practice Services.


Functional/Deployment Specialist
2000 – 2005 (6 years)
Worked for IBM Nederland from 2000 – 2005 as a Process Architect and ITIL Service Management Consultant.
Gained expertise in tools and process deployment in the Service Delivery organization.
Worked on the implementation of a new Service Delivery Model (ISDM), containing processes (ITIL based) and tooling (Peregrine, IRM-a) for the Dutch Delivery organization.


University of Amsterdam
7 years
Post-doctoral Technical Physics
2000 – 2001 (2 years)
Electronic properties of strongly correlated electron systems. Magnetism of fand d-electron materials. Bulk experimental methods, low-temperature and high-field experiments. Conducting research on intermetallic compounds and performing analysis for massive data. Ab-initio crystal-field theory calculations have been conducted. Calculation of crystal field levels in f-electron systems by density functional theory and by a perturbative approach. A method for the calculation of the crystal-field splitting (i.e. the lifting of the 2J+1 degeneracy of the free atom) using density-functional theory without the need of having a spherical shape for the ligand atoms. By ab initio total energy calculations it is shown that the extremely large magnetostriction in these systems arises mainly from the anisotropic f shell and not from a spin orbit coupling for the valence states or from an anisotropic exchange coupling.


Research Scientist Technical Physics
1995 – 2000 (6 years)
Sample preparation: polycrystalline materials by arc-melting, single crystals by a modified Czochralski tri-arc method; spark-erosion, powder X-ray diffraction, crystal and magnetic structure determination by Rietveld method,
the orientation of single crystals by Laue method, measurements of magnetic, thermal, transport and other related physical properties at low temperatures and their interpretation: specific heat in zero field and in magnetic fields, AC and DC magnetic susceptibility, electrical resistivity, magnetoresistance, Hall effect, ultrasonic measurements; high-magnetic fields: steady magnetic fields up to 20 T and pulse fields up to 60T. Teaching second year Solid State
Physics Laboratory Courses (measurements of the specific heat and magnetic susceptibility) and supervised the research lab activities of final year students.


Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati di Trieste Diploma, Condensed Matter Physics
University of Amsterdam Ph.D., Technical Physics
University of Amsterdam Doctoraal (MSc), Semiconductor Physics