Hussein Imam Ali

Member Title: International Volleyball Instructor
Organization: Qatar Volleyball Association



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Mini Bio:

  • “I am International Volleyball Instructor,I visited or worked in 60 countries,
  • I conducted many development plans to International Volleyball Federation, African and Asian Confederation and many African an Asian national federation.
    Currently I am the technical Director of Qatar Volleyball. Regarding my previous experience in Sudan I was Assistant Secretary of Civil Service Peru.
  • I assume that I have signification experience to pass it to Sudan amazing NEXTGEN.
    I would like to contribute with your outstanding group of experts to the development of our beloved Sudan in two major areas:-
  • First: The role and reasonable priority of Youth and Sports in:
    – Inspiring and influencing positively the development projects.
    – Avoiding waste of time and reducing unnecessarily drawbacks.
    – It is an important tool and mean for unity, peas, and friendship.
    – They are the ones equipped with knowledge and the know how to deal with the era of technology.
  • Second: The group of NEXTGEN – so far – presented very outstanding and scientific development projects including steps from where we are (A) to where we are heading (D) or (G). I am afraid most of the development project will not fit -in easily in the current general situation in Sudan unless we address first the weak areas , negative legacy , stamping blocks and the threads”.