Abdelhamid Y. Adam (Guy Josif).

Member Title: Co. Manager for Africa Policy Journal and Student at Harvard University. Majoring in International Human Right & Criminal Law.
Organization: International Private Institute.



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Guy Adam is Co-Managing Editor of Africa Policy Journal at Harvard Kenndey School of Government and Politics. He was born in Darfur, located in the western part of Sudan but he grew up in Isreal after he was forced to leave his country after the war broke out in Darfur.  He ended up in Israel, where he attended college and eventually made his way to the US. He studied at the College of County (CLC) in Chicago, majoring in Political Science and International Human Right and Criminal Law. In August of 2017, he arrived at Harvard University and remains focused on International Human Rights and Criminal Law. He is currently student Harvard Unversity in the United States of America.   Harvard Unversity is located in Boston  Massuschitte.  He quickly joined the Africa Policy Journal (APJ), where he met and worked some amazing people. Guy is heavily involved in and off-campus activities that have to do with Human Rights /Criminal Law and is currently co-managing the Africa Policy Journal, drawing people’s attention to issues of the African continent. Especially issues of Sudan