Ahmed Osman

Member Title: Human Resource, Health Observatory
Organization: National Human Resource Health Observatory



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International Training Programme on Manpower Information System (MIS) Contents:

I. Introduction to MIS – System, Data, Information & Knowledge – Evolution and Characteristics of Information System – Components of Information System – Need of MIS in govt, business & Industry.

II. Types of Information System – Management Information system – Transaction processing system – Decision support System – Expert System – Office Automation system – Knowledge-based system.

III. Project Management in the development of Manpower Information System – Project management approaches and tools – General IT factors affecting project management success.

IV. System Analysis & Design – Feasibility study, system study, and systems design – Systems development life cycle a) Prototyping approach b) SDLC – System implementation, audit, operation, maintenance and modifications.

V. Managing Data through Databases – Introduction to Database Management System – Advantages of Database Management System – Types of Data Model and Database Architecture – Database Concepts (Primary Key, Normalization, Foreign Key) – Developing Conceptual Design of MIS Information System.

VI. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems – Concepts – Sector al application of ERP – ERP process mapping & Development- Case study.

VII. Information System Security – Access Control – Communication security – Risk management & business continuity planning – Security policy, standards &  organization  – Physical security – Cybersecurity.

VIII. Knowledge Management system – Concepts – Organizational impact of knowledge management – Factors influencing knowledge management system development – Knowledge management performance assessment.

IX. Manpower Information Systems application for Training and Development – Case Studies.

X. Performance management, compensation, benefits, payroll and the manpower information system – Case Studies.