Eng. Khalid Moussa Idris

Member Title: Business Analyst
Organization: Dubai Municipality, U.A.E.

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Professional experience:
From 17/10/1992 TO 01/01/1998:
I worked as a COMPUTER & NETWORKS Engineer at Information Systems Center (Central Military Command Dubai, U.A.E. Armed Forces.), and From 01/01/198 SINCE 02/10/1998:
I have joined the Computer Section with the same above position, at General Maintenance Unit – Land Forces Abu-Dhabi U.A.E ARMY.


SINCE 01/10/1998 TO 15/08/1999:
I have joined IHRAHIM HASSAN ELECTRONICS (IHE) Company as a Technical ManagerDubai. U.A.E


SINCE 18/08/1999 TO 01/01/2007:
I have joined Information Technology Department at DubaiMunicipality as PrincipalTechnical Support Officer.


SINCE 01/01/2007 UP To 14/02/2012:
Joined the new PC’s Refurbishment Center In position of Technician’s Supervisor
This Center approached as coordination Charity project between DM and Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Humanitarian & Charity Establishment & supported by Microsoft Company ::


SINCE 14/02/2012 UP TO 01/10/2014
Business Analyst @ eTransformation Section, Dubai Municipality.
SINCE 01/10/2014 Up To Date
Digital Devices Refurbishment Center as Business Analyst


Electronics Eng. Khalid Moussa Idris Shariefو B.A, B.Sc. ITIL,III, PCT, TOT, & IC3 Certificates,
Dubai Municipality. U.A.E
One of the collaborators & Founders of DDRC (Digital Devices refurbishment Center) Established & supported by
o Dubai Municipality,
o Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Charity and Humanitarian Enterprise foundation, and
o Microsoft .
One of the collaborators & Founders of Smart Ascension Center (SAC) .
TOT, Lecturer, & training courses on related IT general best Practices, digital devices refurbishment for
o colleges, Institutes students. private community.
o Environmental & Charity sectors, & Waste & environmental facilities and projects
– Intellectual property of 2 books published & registered.
o Principals to Setup & Manage the Refurbishment Center of Used Computers & peripherals.
o Guidance for Adopting Service Management Based on ITIL ver. III.