ElRasheid A. ElKhorasani

Member Title: Cheif Human Capital Development Advisor



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20+ Year advanced Chief HR Strategy expertise, and operational HR exposure in designing, driving and developing full spectrum of change management initiatives to enhance the detailed HRM mandate that would achieve the laid down business objectives.

•Main emphasis to ensure that entire OD’s initiatives and  talent performing strategies have been aligned with the businesses. 

•Primary accountability has therefore been to plan and establish the strategic talent performing acquisition & development blocks system that efficiently identify, acquire, nurture, develop and retain the high quality-committed premium leaders, who would substantially achieve, and incredibly contribute, to make “The Corporate vision of the businesses happen”.


*To protect the corporate investment of the businesses, in its human capital, through creating a hard-to-leave progressive goal-driven integrated strategic performing atmosphere of talent acquisition, continual capabilities enhancement, leadership development, competencies dictionary, total retention management that would sustain excellence, satisfaction and integrity.
*The value added impact of this career to business sustainability, could only be materialized, when it is applied as an integrated HR-business strategy approach, to effectively lead Corporate talent mandate, as only source, for exceeding the greatest pay off to gain the competitive advantage.
* A targeted Corporate in which an HR, wouldn’t be construed as a conformist, acting within its status quo, rather than being a synergist who could influence an effective modus operandi by encapsulating ethos, principles and values yet to be emerged from its vision to figure out culture & philosophies, to shoulder implied accountabilities for branding its identity that would mark its distinctive signature as “A Great Place To Perform & Belong”.