Eisa Abdellatif”, PhD

Member Title: Chief Technical Advisor at Zayed International Foundation for the Environment
Organization: Zayed International Foundation for the Environment

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     Position: Chief Technical Advisor

Zayed International Foundation for the Environment.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


1. Ph.D. in Ecology – U. of Kansas – U.S.A – 1985

2. Master of Phil. in Ecology – U. of Kansas – U.S.A – 1983

3. Master of Arts in Biology – U. of Kansas – U.S.A – 1981

\          4. B.Sc. Hons. (1stclass) in Zoology – University of Khartoum – 1977


     Former Positions:

·   Chief Technical Advisor, UNDP Project to develop Environmental Management Systems for Abu Dhabi Municipality, (1997- 98).

·   Associate Professor of Ecology, Faculty of Science & Institute of    Environmental Studies – University of Khartoum (1994-2002).

·   President of the Sudanese Environment Conservation Society (1992-97)

·   Served as a consultant for UNDP, UNIDO, WHO, OXFAM, Friedrich Eibert Foundation, ENTEC Europe ..



·   Author of the Book:” Development in Sudan from an environmental perspective”. Khartoum (SECS), 1993. (Arabic).

·   Co-Author of:

ü  “Towards a National Environmental Action Plan for the Sudan”; Sudan Higher Council for Environment and Natural Resources/ SECS/ Friedrich Eibert Stiftung, Khartoum 1996.

ü  “The Environmental Impact of Grazing and Browsing in Rangelands of the Arab Region”; Arab Organisation for Agricultural Development, Khartoum 1994.

·   Author of Booklet on “Factors threatening the coastal and marine environment of the Red Sea in the Sudan: a call for attention”. – SECS, Khartoum: 1993. 31pp.

·   Editor of the book Series “World of Environment” (Arabic). Zayed International Foundation for the Environment, Dubai – UAE. 25 books published since 2003.

·   Editor and co-editor of several other Arabic & English books and magazines.

·   Writing a Monthly column in Society & Environment magazine


·   Certified Scuba Diver.

·   Registered Expert at the Dubai International Arbitration Center

·   Environmental Activist and member of many NGOs: Emirates Environmental Group, Environment Friends Society, Emirates Diving Association, Sudanese Environment Conservation Society, Sudan Development Association, Environmentalists Society -Khartoum, Sudan Marine Conservation Committee, Port Sudan, Sudan Hoticultural Society, Sudanese Consumer Protection Association, Sudan Studies Association, USA (1980‑), Sigma Xi Honorary Research Society, USA, (April 1985‑), American Society of Zoologists, (1985‑), National Geographic Society (September 1984-)