Dr. Sayed Ibrahim

Member Title: CEO and Founder of Health and Natural Beauty USA Corp.
Organization: Health and Natural Beauty USA Corp.



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Mini Bio:

Dr. Sayed Ibrahim is the CEO and Founder of Health and Natural Beauty USA Corp. (a contract manufacturing company) and its subsidiary SprinJene (a branded oral care company). Dr. Ibrahim started his career as a Liaison Officer for the British NGO Action Aid. He first worked in relief in Africa, then managed the International Procurement for the World Bank project there. Dr. Ibrahim received his International procurement training at the International Law Institute (ILI) and Georgetown University.

Focus Areas:

      International Procurement & Contract Negotiation 

       Business & Quality Management 

      International Project Management & research


Pioneering scientific executive with expertise in pharmaceutical and consumer health products and markets. Recognized for product and technology innovations, leadership talents, scientific/formulation skills and entrepreneurialism. Successfully driven new product development of global consumer product brands.

Career Distinctions include:

Innovative Business Leader
• Recognized for innovation and leadership within a Fortune 500 corporation — achieving a competitive advantage, accelerating time-to-market, enabling growth and improving margins.

• Game changing technical proficiencies and leading edge knowledge of contemporary scientific approaches, methodologies and best practices.

Entrepreneurial Visionary
• Creator of a multimillion-dollar transportation company to seed new product development and commercialization initiatives (SprinJene).

• Recipient of 3 Colgate-Palmolive innovation Fund Project Awards – seed financing for scientific innovation and entrepreneurialism.

Ph.D. Chemist / Inventor

• Highly respected for vision and thought leadership in the field of chemistry and science for the global biotech, pharmaceutical and consumer health products industries through 10-year career at Colgate-Palmolive.

• Holder of numerous patents/applications.

New Product Development & Commercialization

• Extensive contributions in the discovery and development of highly innovative technologies and commercially successful products.

• Renowned expertise in formulation, polymer technologies, and filmmaking and processing.

Corporate Humanitarian
• Zealous contributor to Colgate-Palmolive’s Mentoring Program and their Howard University College Recruiting Team.

• Recognized contributor to Colgate-Palmolive’s corporate diversity and talent management strategy. Voluntarily participated in development /facilitation of mentoring program.