Diyaeldin Ibrahim

Member Title: Human Rights Activist

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An International Relations graduate with Master degree from Pakistan Karachi University, working in the field of Media. Human Rights Activist, democracy advocate loving my country.


Work Experience:

2011 to date
– A Data and media analyst for the Department of Public Relations and Media, responsible for the reports
– Reporting in newspapers, television, radio and social media
– Collecting and writing publications issued by public relations(Digital Magazine – Monitoring Journal Security – Reports, sessions, booklets) for conferences and exhibitions in which the force is participating, the report Annual drafting press releases for newspapers, local and international press, and coordination With colleagues in local newspapers and the Qatar News Agency.


Senior translator, National Academy for Specialized Training (Doha – Qatar) from 2009 to 2010 Official of translation of course books, contracts, training manuals and correspondence to office General Director .


Assistant Canadian Consul for Consular Affairs at the Canadian Embassy in Khartoum and doing work Press permits for conferences and receptions held by the embassy and the distribution of data Press to all local and international news agencies and work with the Canadian agency International Development Association (CIDA) in reviewing development projects submitted by the non-governmental organization that would like funding from the agency under the supervision of Regional Director (Reagan Halley)


(National Service) COMESA Economic Assistant to the Ministry of  International Trade in Sudan Department of International Sciences working on translation and analysis of Economic policies imposed by the government on the private commercial sector and implementation efforts.
The directives of the organization aim to develop private plots and encourage light industries after spending
The required period I was accepted into the Canadian embassy.


After graduation I worked as an intern at the Qatari Consulate in Karachi (translation of newspapers)
English-Pakistani (DAWN) and report on it.


Academic qualifications:
-2016  News preparation and drafting course in government institutions (Qatari News agency)

– 2016 The course for spreading news and dealing with the media in the military, special forces
American Media Department.

– 2012 Initial press release writing course (Qatar News Agency)

– 2015 Course for drafting the news story in both (Arabic and English) (Qatar News Agency)

– 2006 Masters in International and Diplomatic Affairs – University of Karachi, Pakistan

– 2004 Bachelor’s degree in International and Diplomatic Relations, University of Karachi, Pakistan

– 2003 French language course N3 N2 N1 French Cultural Institute Karachi Pakistan