Ashraf Eltom

Member Title: Cyber Security, Information Security, and Data Protection Expert

Sectors: ,



  • Extensive experience in Cyber Security, Information Security, and data protection.
  • More than 12 years IT experiences.
  • Information Security Policies, procedure implementation and improvement.
  • Information technology change management and control.
  • IT Projects management.
  • Information security governance.
  • More 15 years ICT experience.




1- Qatar Charity, Head Office — CISO
April 2017 – PRESENT
A. Daily information security operations management.
B. Ensure the conduct of ISMS review and internal audit.
C. Ensure that the list of risk owners is updated and correct.
D. Maintenance and improvement of ISMS and performance of daily information security tasks assigned by ISMS Manager
E. Update, review information security risk register.
F. Maintain and update the ISO / IEC 27001 Statement of Applicability
G. Conduct information security training and awareness.
H. Ensure implementation of any changes in ISMS recommended by annual report or audit.
I. Management of Information Security Control Tools in ISMS scope in Qatar Charity.
J. Ensure the maintenance of records to demonstrate compliance with relevant policies and procedures.
K. Ensure that internal communication and consultations on information security issues are activated as needed.
L. Communicate with internal functions outside the scope of ISMS about information security matters as appropriate
M. Establish links with external information security professionals such as the executive authority (NSOC-MOI) and communication service providers (Q-Cert), where necessary.
N. Gray penetration testing for network and Application.
O. Notify incidents of dangerous information security and its risks to senior management


2- Qatar Charity, Head Office — Mobile and Web Application Analyst
April 2017 – Dec 2018
P. Analyze and route issues and errors into the proper ticketing systems and update and close tickets in a timely manner.
Q. Devise or modify procedures to solve problems.
R. Establish new customers, handle technical support for mobile application
S. Conduct application testing and provide database management support.
T. Create and maintain documentation for the users and developers.
U. Diagnosis and then either creating a fix or passing errors in the application.
V. Monitor application on the management platform Android, Google play and google analytics.
3- X-Corner LLC Web System and Application Security Engineer (Dubai).(2015 – 2017)
A. Design security tools for malicious code scanning.
B. Conduct white box and red team security testing to assess and validate application security.
C. Define, maintain and enforce application security best practices.
D. Monitor and track progress of found vulnerabilities and maintain the history.
E. Explain and demonstrate vulnerabilities to application/system owners, and provide recommendations for mitigation.
F. Issue reporting on assigned application and system scans.
G. Perform secure code development training to developers, employees, quality assurance personnel and relevant staffs.
H. Evangelize security across all teams and influence change where needed.
I. Analyze web server files looking for malicious code and malwares.
4- Ecommerce Dept. Manager (Saudi Unicom Group – Egypt Head Office).(2012 – 2014)
A. Plan, Build, update and launch E-commerce Projects for the company.
B. Oversight and management of online marketing plan and campaigns
C. Coordinate online marketing.
D. Managing media and partner relationships.
E. Creating a comprehensive social media strategy.
F. Responsible for keeping the company’s E-Commerce website fresh and up-to-date.
G. Monitoring and updating management of effectiveness of advertising and other
marketing campaigns.
H. Creating and expediting targeted email blasts as per the company’s communication plan.
I. Preparing reports on a regular basis concerning all elements of online marketing.
J. Analysis, design and create web applications for the E-Commerce project.
K. Provide advice, ideas and opinions about the development of business, applications and e-commerce.
L. Project development reporting.
5- Unicom Group (Yemen Branch) (July 2012 to Sept. 2013)
– Business Development Manager.
A. Sales planning, and digital marketing strategies.
B. Managing and coordinating of major customers and government sector.
C. IT Projects management.
D. Supervising software team and writing proposals and high-level analysis for Egovernment Solutions, workflow development.
E. Analysis, Design and develop E-Business solutions.
F. Analysis, Design and develop web applications and e-commerce solutions.
G. Provide advice, ideas and opinions about the development of e-commerce and ebusiness.