Amal Abdalwhab Mohamed Osman

Member Title: Leadership,Project management,strategic management and environmental
Organization: Missouri Science and technology university

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Amal Osman has Capabilities in leadership, motivation, teamwork, and collaboration. Her work with diversity workplace on the humanitarian fieldwork (NGOs) and hospitality providing a solid foundation for Amal collaboration. People-centric nature and eagerness have afforded her excellent communication skills. However, proficiency in leadership, extroverted and personable communicator has a proven record of building strong, professional relationships, an asset throughout her career.

Amal has proven leadership and mentoring skills in high stress, emotionally charged environments. Amal demonstrated traits such as empathy, honesty, patience, a strong work ethic, and the ability to motivate and train a diverse population. More specifically, she has experience in HR training and development, strategic planning, and project management. Amal has 7 years’ experience developing the job skills of both individuals and work teams.

Amal has Bachelor’s (honor) in agriculture science specialization in environment and natural resources from Gzeira university -Sudan. She has also a master’s degree from Khartoum university-Sudan- in environmental science and she will be finishing her second master’s in business administration from Missouri science and technology university by fall 2020. She also has management and leadership certificates from the same university.