Ahmed Elmahi

Member Title: Power Generation Expert


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As a representative for TMS Turbomaschinenservice GmbH in Sudan, Iam looking after customers and potential customers needs, suggesting solutions and plans for operation, overhaul and preventive maintenance, spare parts manufacturing, efficiency improvement and energy saving etc… We are looking forward to expand our office in Khartoum to cover more countries in Africa and Middle east.

TMS Turbomaschinenservice GmbH operates worldwide on planning and implementation of service, maintenance and repair services for turbomachinery for industry and energy supply, such as steam turbines, generators and compressors, as well as retrofits of electronic protection and control systems.

We have a dedicated, specialized, highly skilled, qualified and trained service team providing any desired service on turbomachinery and associated equipment. Our services include re-engineering, reconditioning and re-machining of components in our workshops in Germany and Romania, manufacturing of spare parts and providing overhaul services in the plant with our specialists, supported by the provision of online access, necessary facilities, tools and equipment.

Our company experience and know-how of most of our presently employed service personnel, formally coming from AEG-Kanis and BBC turbine OEM, reaches back more than 20 years in average. TMS does not only provide service, but also brings along an established network of European partner companies. In cooperation with them we are able to offer the complete product portfolio of spare parts for generators and turbines.

website: www.turbomaschinenservice.


Sudanese Thermal Power Generating Company Ltd

Total Duration 7 yrs 10 mos

  • Title Generation General Director

    Dates EmployedJan 2016 – Oct 2018

    Employment Duration 2 yrs 10 mos

    Location Khartoum

    Directing and overseeing the entire electricity generation of the company, to ensure that the company generates a sufficient electricity and supply to fulfill the Sudan National and DistributionGrids needs.
    Managing all thermal power plants in Sudan through several directorates.

  • Title: Power Station Manager

    Dates Employed Oct 2014 – Dec 2015

    Employment Duration 1 yr 3 mos

    LocationKhartoum North Power Station (2*30 + 2*60 + 2*100 MW)

  • Title:Projects Director

    Dates Employed Jan 2011 – Oct 2014

    Employment Duration 3 yrs 10 mos