Ahmed Abdalsalam

Member Title: Managing Director of Sudanese Educational Development Center
Organization: Sudanese Educational Development Center



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Managing Director of Sudanese Educational Development Center


Education and Qualifications

  • University of Khartoum – Faculty of Engineering – Department of Electrical and electronics engineering –Specialization of software engineering, Bachelor of science degree (Honors) (Full time) (7.21/10.00) (2013-2018)
  • The 88th of the Sudan secondary School certificate (among 422.617 students) (94.3%) (MAY 2013)
  • Doha Institute for graduate studies – School of public administration and Development Economics – Master of public policy (SEP 2018 -now).



Work Experience

  • Android and Backend Developer at “Mubaktec Company” (https://www.linkedin.com/in/mubaktec/ ) (Oct 2014- APR 2015)
  • Co-founder, CTO and Android developer at “Echonine company” (Software& Media Company). (Nov 2015 – Dec 2016).
  • Teacher Assistant – University OF KHARTOUM. (Nov 2018 – now)
  • Ministry of high education and scientific research, public relationship sector (JAN 2019- Aug2019)



Training and Certifications

  • Graduated from understanding development and public policy program DPP1 (Critical thinking skills, basic of economics, basic of anthropology, Basic of geopolitics, public policy…etc.) (https://www.dropbox.com/s/uz57g29fyzi9ha3/DPP_First.pdf?dl=0) (https://cdpp.org )(Aug 2016)
  • Graduated from preparing TAKAFUL LEADERS. (Basic of project management, basic of decisions making, basic of effective management …etc.). (Apr2016 –Sep 2016).
  • Graduated from TASEES program (Program contains basic of epistemology, sociology, research methodology, economics…etc.).

(https://www.dropbox.com/s/jqnrd2ihizomqoh/%D8%B1%D9%88%D8%A7%D9%82%20%D8%AA%D8%A3%D8%B3%D9%8A%D8%B3.pdf?dl=0) (Sep 2017)

  • Participated in Developing the volunteering leadership training which held by UNDP and Afro-Arab Youth Council and included the awareness section, SDGs section, and leadership section. (17 FEB 2017- 18 FEB 2017)
  • Graduated from Training of trainers (TOT) (Basic of body language, basic of good presentation and speaking…etc.) (Sep 2017)


Volunteering and Competitions Experience

  • Volunteer at teaching orphan and needy students. (May 2010 –Aug2016)
  • Batch coordinator at B.M.S Secondary School for Boys. (2010-2013)
  • Volunteer and member of Takaful organization, which is an organization that aims to build conscious and effective students by working in orphan and needy students’ sectors. Starting as a member, then vice president of Human Resources manager for a year, and finally the research and training team for a year. (2013-2016).
  • Volunteer and member for OUTSTANDING STUDENT CONGRESS (an entity that includes the first-class students of the Sudan in Sudanese secondary certificate from 2004 till now). Starting as member at 2013, then events organizer, training team, academic affairs team, planning and strategic team, and finally consultant. (http://osc-sd.org/ ) (2013-2017)
  • Academic secretary for Electrical and Electronic Engineering Society, UOFK. (2013-2014).
  • Contributed on “E3mar” (program that helps primary student to know their Desires, Chances and Opportunities D.C.O) (April 2014)
  • Founder and CEO of “El-Multaga talks” (program seems to TEDx aims to help university’s students to share their ideas and experiences in very simple way). (Al Multaga Talks) (Oct 2015- Dec 2015)
  • Co-Founder and CEO of Parallel education program (a program that aims to help secondary school students to choose their career path consciously, and have a chance to know more about their knowledge skills and attitudes SKA). (التعليم الموازي parallel school)(Dec 2015 –Dec 2016).
  • Speaker at 013 talks talked about career shift and how we choose the new career. (24 Jul 2014).
  • Co-Founder and CEO of chance plus program (program that helps university students to have additional chance that the other hadn’t and to be leaders, researchers, community activists and gets the top benefits of the university time). (Jan 2014).
  • Volunteer at Innovation and Entrepreneurship community IEC with the mission off activate the entrepreneurial activity among Sudanese youth, starting with public relationship team for one year and then research and development team. (https://iec-su.org/ )( Nov 2017 -now)
  • Volunteer and member of Education without borders EWB, Research and Projects team, which is an organization that tries to make the community engaged to education sector by all available channels. (Oct 2015 –Apr 2016)
  • Founder and CEO of Human library Sudan. (https://www.facebook.com/HumansLibrarySudan/ ) (Jan 2016 – now).
  • University of Khartoum representative at voluntary work conference by Al-Zaeem Al-Azhary University (SEP 2016).
  • Co-Founder and research director of Sudanese Education Development Center which tries to works in the two paths of education: the policy path and the actions path. This center includes all above programs (Parallel education, Chance Plus, and Human Library) to focus on above paths and makes education better, and till FEB 2019 we have over 3200 trainee beneficiaries that engaged to our center and its programs. (https://smc-sd.org/) (Oct 2018 – now).
  • Volunteer at “Re-Engage students to School program” which is a program that held at OMBADA-DAR ELSALAM by contribution of SADAGAT organization, UNICEF and ministry of education to help 1200 students getting back to school and to train about 30 teachers. Starting as volunteer then assistant of program coordinator and finally a consultant. (https://sadagaat.com ) (May 2018 -now)




  • Policy memo written at understanding development and public policy program to analyse an agriculture problem in an agricultural area in White Nile state and to alert the stakeholders in that area about how the policy and the management way done in that area caused a high drop in the (2016)
  • Local organizations active in the education sector in Sudan, and what they achieved in past years. (2019)