Ahmad Farouk

Member Title: Trainer and Learning Developer
Organization: Media-Field



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Ahmad Farouk, Trainer and Learning Developer interested in helping and developing people to discover the best of themselves and develop their skills.

I believe that the individuals are the basic units of society, and institutions are created to meet the needs of the society, and train the individuals is the best way building successful institutions for a healthy and modern society.

Before I worked in training field for last five years, I began my career as a salesman then a teacher of computer lessons then I reached the highest operational management positions in the largest companies’ world wild such as Coca-Cola and Mercedes-Benz through twenty years of hard-working.

I am currently working on developing my skills in media field based on my previous experience in journalism in order to reach a larger audience to achieve my dream of seeing advanced and developed  Sudanese society I feel proud to belong to it.