Eithar Moutasim Gamar El Din Isamil

Data Analysis

Screenshot_20220925_184426 - Eithar Gamar
- Python | - Spreadsheets | - Team management | communications skills | SQL |
Arabic | English

– Machine Learning
– Data Analysis
– Community services
– Central nervous system
– Volunteering work


As a fresh Information Technology graduate am interested in building a career in machine learning field.

While doing my bachelor degree I worked as volunteer in many roles but the most important one was joining IEEE Sudan as a speakers team volunteer in its paper conference ICCCEEE19 and as a team leader next year where I learned how to manage rooms for papers presenters for more than 4 rooms currently for around 7 hours sessions. Doing this improved my communication skills and problem solving skills along with other skills.

After graduation I worked for 7 months as intern in the customer support department at BLOOM (YC 22) were manly I focused on analyzing customers data to help managers take decisions of what to send to customers in emails or what products to launch. 


Awarded the degree of Bachelor of Science (Honors) in Information Technology with (Second Class – Division 1) from University of Khartoum

Work Experience

* In 2015 I worked as media team volunteer at SWT(Schools Workshop Team) where I managed the Instagram page to upload pictures about the sessions they used to run and import points during the session.
* In 2019 I joined IEEE Sudan team to prepare for the paper conference where people present their papers to be reviewed and published by IEEE. My role was to have a list with all the presenters names and details and during the event make sure they attended and their content is ready to be presented. Then during the sessions I made sure that the room is running in a way that will help the presenter and judges to run the session successfully.
* In 2021 I joined IEEE Sudan as team leader for the speakers team with much more and different tasks which were interview students who applied to join the team then choose the suitable number for the event. Then I met the team and taught them what they will do during the conference and showing them all the possible scenarios the may happen during the conference. Then I prepared a list of the sessions and rooms to present in it and the time to do it and then assigned the team members to the rooms. Also I worked with other teams leaders at the tasks that contrast between us.
* In May 2022 I started a role of customer support intern in Bloom where I did different tasks like replying to emails and phone calls, develop tools that will help us do the KYC process much easier and track emails much easier, I also had the chance to work with the engineering team to develop an end point that bring all the transactions to Retool and created a dashboard at Retool to show this data for the finance manager. After 3 months I managed the customer support team as the operation manager used to travel alot. The task the focused on the most and used to do it weekly is to go through the emails of customers and write a report after analyzing the data with the top 3 problems customers face. Also I analyzed customers comments and focused on the bad comments to mention them the weekly meeting of the company and came up with the reasons and solutions for these problems. Doing this analysis helped in keeping the rate of customers satisfaction in the range of 90 to 98 % weekly for the last 5 months.