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Key Result Progress

Average Skytrax Airport Rating

Average Skytrax Airline Rating

Aviation KPI Progress


Aviation Vision

Aviation Vision

Internally: To create a sustainable aviation industry which serves to connect all of Sudan facilitating unity, economic development and cultural exchange.

Externally: To be Africa’s aviation heart connecting the continent to the world.

Aviation Roadmap

Within Five Years

Have a fully equipped hub airport

Have a fully-functioning National Carrier

Restore passenger confidence in the National Carrier

Restore positive relations between Sudan and all aviation organizations worldwide

Within Ten Years

Acquire new aircrafts and build a new international airport

National carrier rated in the top 25 airlines worldwide

Launch and establish an African Aerospace hub

Top Challenges

Lack of Strategy

Lack of strategy and the interference from government and military dominating the leadership ranks in the Civil Aviation Authority

Large Debt

Large debt on National Carrier and severe tax and fees anomaly imposed on both domestic and foreign operators.


Sanctions and being in the list of states sponsors of terrorism has affected the aviation section and hindered its stability and progress

Lack of Qualified Professionals

Lack of qualified professionals and the continued drain of expertise in the aviation sector.

Voice of the People

Top Recommendations

Short Term

  1. Dis-association from defense ministry

2. Enhance training by creating robust training programs including exposure to best practices employed by FAA, EASA and other leading regulators.

Long Term

  1. Attract large OEMs or MRO providers to invest and work in the domestic market . 

2. Establishment of self-sufficient industry . 

Aviation Projects

Expert and citizen teams advising the government

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