Youth Digital Jobs Program

We aim to upskill young Sudanese men and women with modern digital, Agile and customer centricity skills and enroll them in local and remote jobs that provide a decent living. Our program is part of the Africa NextGen initiative.

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Our Goals

1- Digital Skill Development: Each bootcamp will upskill 500 young men and women in 2022 on modern Customer Experience, Digital Skills, Agile Teamwork and Interpersonal Soft Skills through a 10 week bootcamp taught by high caliber professionals

2- Youth Job Creation: Gain commitment from target ministries and private sector for opening up internships and jobs for them immediately post the bootcamp with decent salaries. Goal is 85% placement.

3-  Scalability: Design the program so it can be scaled to 500 participants each quarter through certified training partners across Sudan.

4- Sustainability: Engage international and local sponsors to support the program. Ensure jobs are sustainable with a high employer satisfaction rating.

Bootcamp Design

We have partnered with Africa NextGen to launch the first Girls in Tech Digital bootcamp from Sudan in December 2022.Please click here to learn more.

We also offer a separate Ministry Leadership Program


  • Personal Branding, Professionalism & Positive Thinking

  • Effective Communication & Presentation

  • Conflict Resolution & Crucial Conversations

  • Professionalism & Work Ethics

  • Resume Writing, LinkedIn Profile and Interviewing


  • Team Formation & Project Assignment

  • Customer Experience & Design Thinking

  • Customer Personas & Journey Mapping

  • Gap Analysis & Experience Design

  • Data Literacy & Metrics

  • Customer Service & Communication


  • Digital & Computer Foundation Skills

  • Digital Tools & When to Use What

  • Basic Document Publishing (google, microsoft)

  • Effective Online Search & Problem Solving

  • Internet, Social Media, Data Security & Privacy

  • Digitizing Basic Admin/Biz Processes


  • Intro to Agile & Scrum

  • تطبيق منهجية ال Agile في التعاون والعمل الجماعي

  • Planning, Prioritization and Backlog Mgmt.

  • Real Project Hackathon



Thank you to our generous sponsors below supporting this program

How You Can Join

Interested in joining our program? Look at the options below or contact us at

Financial Sponsor

How It Works:
1. Apply to join the financial sponsor program
2. Specify how you’d like to support the program
3. Attend bootcamp demo day and meet the intern candidates
4. Follow program progress and celebrate the impact you’ve created!

Job Sponsor

How It Works:
1. Apply to join the job creation program
2. Specify job categories you need and whether or not you can pay for the internship
3. Hire qualified interns who graduate from the bootcamp for 6 months
4. Extend the internship, offer full-time positions to interns or hire other interns

Experts & Partners

How It Works:
1. Apply to join as an expert, mentor or partner
2. Specify your speciality and availability
3. Provide your expertise and support
4. Follow program progress and celebrate the impact you’ve created!


How It Works:
1. Apply to join the Dec program as a participant
2. If approved, complete enrollment & bootcamp prep
3. Complete bootcamp, project and demo day presentation
4. Apply for internships and transition to job mentorship phase if selected