NextGen Government Skill
Development Program

We aim to build core skills for the next generation of leaders and high performing teams as the foundation for building strong Government institutions in Sudan.


We offer a full and holistic skills development learning roadmap for Government Ministries in addition to a Youth Digital Jobs bootcamp program. The skills we specialize in are: Leadership, Soft Skills, Agile, Customer Experience and Digital skills.


  • Individuals: Build core soft skills, collaboration, communication, presentation and working with others. Learn to have a customer first mindset in everything you design and deliver. 
  • Teams: Learn and adopt modern Agile practices which include high collaboration, short delivery cycles, team empowerment, focus on outcomes & metrics, rapid learn and adapt cycles and high customer engagement & feedback. 
  • Managers/Leaders: Build modern leadership agility skills so leaders can define a clear vision, strategy and ensure effective aligned execution across high performing Agile teams. 

Modules & Topics Offered

To achieve our vision we will focus on these modules and topics below.


  • Leadership Foundations

  • Leading High Performing Agile Teams

  • Leading & Managing to Change

  • Strategy to Execution Alignment

  • Team & Organizational Design

  • التجارة الالكترونية: نماذج وحلول

  • إدارة المخاطر


  • Agile for Teams

  • Teamwork & Collaboration

  • Team Formation & Kickoff

  • Design Thinking & Innovative Problem Solving

  • Agile Planning & Prioritization

  • Kaizen - Removing Waste

  • Risk Assessment


  • Personal Branding, Professionalism & Positive Thinking

  • Effective Communication, Presentation & Influence

  • Conflict Resolution & Crucial Conversations

  • Problem Solving & Root Cause Analysis

  • Digital & Tech Skills

  • Risk Analysis & Reporting