Tahra Ahmed El-Mahdi

Member Title: Head Of Finance
Organization: Current| Agility Logisitics & Ex.| Schlumberger

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Tahra has been working in the field of corporate strategical  financial control for 20 years. She has worked in different regions including London, Dubai, Qatar and other middle eastern countries.

Her repsective experience previously and currently is as a financial/business controller and head of finance in Logistics, Food & catering Supply, Hospitality and Oil &Gas sectors.

Her expertise is in implementation and management of business strategical controls with emphasis in transparency, accountability, due dilgence and profitability gain.

She is an MBA holder from Hult Business International School.

Tahra looks forward to participating  in the new Sudan development. Her aim is to reach to a platform to eliminate corruption in Sudan and to ensure integrity , versatility and excellence in all Corporate companies in the country.