Sudanese Environment Conservation Society (SECS)

Member Title: Pioneer Environmental NGO
Organization: Sudanese Environment Conservation Society



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The Sudanese Environment Conservation Society SECS was officially registered in 1975 at the Humanitarian Aid Commission, Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs as a pioneer national environmental NGO. Its goal is to achieve sustainable development through the participation of all stakeholders in environmental conservation.

SECS believes that Sudan is a prosperous country with extensive natural resources; with wise environmental management, all the people can enjoy a safe and healthy environment; attain sustainable development and lasting peace.

SECS depends on the implementation of its activities on volunteers with an emphasis on the youth members. Volunteer work represents one of the pillars for the implementation of SECS activities. All interventions will be designed in such a way that ensures the active contribution of volunteers so that SECS achieves the objective of giving its endeavors a popular dimension. Volunteering will be encouraged, regulated, and motivated. It also seeks to mobilize wide community participation in the management of natural resources and implementation of environmental rehabilitation interventions.

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