Prof. Abdelfattah Nour

Member Title: Scientist, Facilitator, Strategist, Professor at Purdue University, USA
Organization: Purdue University, USA

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Abdelfattah Nour, DVM, MSC, PhD

Professor, College of Veterinary Medicine, Purdue University, USA


Abdelfattah Nour is a well-published educator and scientist with 40+ years of experience. He is
a veterinarian with MSC and Ph.D. in livestock production and meat quality. He served as professor,
veterinarian, veterinary meat inspector, university head of animal production department, livestock
development expert, chairman of the Food Security committee for the Middle Region in Sudan, Director
of International Programs at Purdue for 15 years, a member of the Globalization Task Force, He
taught and did research in serval universities: Khartoum, Gezira, Cornell, Qassim, Jordan SAT, and
Purdue. He is an excellent facilitator and strategist for livestock development, sustainable
development, food security, integration of agriculture and livestock production, added-value
commodities, and application and integration of multidisciplinary input for solving problems.


He is passionate about outcome-driven education, applied and innovative research that solves problems,
case-based learning, skills-based training, capacity building, and creative solutions. He received
several awards and was a Fulbright Scholar. He is a champion of academic reorganization,
institutional capacity building, and outcome assessment. He was among the earlier pioneers who
established the University of Gezira, designed undergraduate curriculum and graduate training
programs in livestock production and nutrition. He is a strategic thinker for scalable capacity building,
resource utilization, and programs that have a big impact, and create opportunities. He has talents
and experiences to work with disciplines in multidisciplinary projects, related veterinary sciences,
agriculture, animal production, and social sciences. He is a supporter of interdisciplinary initiatives
and research that provide opportunities for learning while serving the needs of the communities. He
is passionate about the bottom-up approach to sustainable development. He has been an advocate
strong for value-added quality products manufacturing for domestic and international markets.

Focus Areas:

Integration of livestock production, agriculture, rangelands, and forests for sustainable development
for peace and stability; for economic growth, food security, empowerment of women, youth and
small producers to become entrepreneurs; for the alleviation of poverty, capacity building and efficient
resource development, management, and utilization. Integrated food production systems,
development of value-added products from livestock, poultry, fish, and chicken.