Omhagain somi Dayeen

Member Title: Lecturer, Researcher, Ph.D. candidate at the University of Colorado, Denver
Organization: University of Colorado Denver

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Mini Bio:

Omhagain Somi Dayeen is a lecturer, researcher, currently a Ph.D. candidate in Human Development and Family Sciences (HDFR) University of Colorado Denver in my final year. 


Focus Areas:

·     Teaching and classroom management

·     The  research centers on integrating developmental, social, and environmental perspectives toward understanding problem behaviors, 

·     The adaptation of the Sudanese refugees and immigrant in Colorado, 

·     Women Issues, crime & violence, and mental health problems with a focus on the intersection of race/ethnicity and social structural disadvantage.

·     Human development and family science. 

·     The connections and interactions between families, schools, communities, and other social contexts