Expert Advisory Group (EAG)

Member Title: Sudanese Experts from Different Intellectual Backgrounds
Organization: Sudan's Political Environment



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The continuous failure to create a national consensus on a nation-building project has entailed calamitous situations throughout the country since Sudan’s independence in 1956. A new social, economic, political and cultural dispensation is required to stop the downward descent of the country into chaos and fragmentation; especially after the cessation of South Sudan in 2011 and because of the ongoing genocide and war crimes in Darfur, the Nuba Mountains, and the Blue Nile. In addition, the economic collapse, deteriorating living conditions, violations of human rights, lack of freedoms and rule of law, injustice, non-inclusive development and governance, and massive corruption have made it clear to the Sudanese people that a paradigm shift from the old policies is necessary and a blueprint to take the country in a new direction is needed.


A group of Sudanese met at Harvard University in April 2012 to discuss this very challenge. The meeting inspired the SPLM-N to commission a number of Sudanese professionals from different intellectual backgrounds to research and write a document that, if implemented, could provide such a blueprint. These Sudanese professionals established the Expert Advisory Group (EAG), recognizing that the Sudanese academic community and Sudanese thinkers and intellectuals have a major role to play in contributing their expertise to Sudan’s political life. EAG reached out to a wide group of Sudanese experts in the areas of constitutional law, civil and human rights, governance, foreign policy, security, social and economic development, and culture and identity. EAG includes experts and Sudanese thinkers from the marginalized areas and the center who are working together to plan a new future for Sudan and have contributed equally to the outcome. This pooling of talent from all over the country reflects the diversity of Sudan.