Azhari Dafaalla

Member Title: Oil and Gas Senior Process Consultant
Organization: KBC Process Technology



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Azhari is a chemical engineer with over 18 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. Being a Senior Consultant for a global oil and gas consultancy firm, he has led profit improvement, strategic analysis and operation excellence projects for the hydrocarbon industry.

Azhari has previously worked for a complex refinery and for an international engineering contractor.  He has also supported a major refinery expansion project including various licensed technologies. His other responsibilities and achievements have included: refinery energy management; operations support and troubleshooting; process and occupational safety improvements; turnaround activities; refinery economic planning support; operator training; process design & optimisation.

Azhari holds a Masters degree from the Centre of Process Integration at the University of Manchester, and his expertise includes process modelling and optimisation, as well as heat integration technologies.