Amgad Faisal Eldirdiri

Member Title: Strategic Planning Expert
Organization: Sudan NextGen

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Amgad has more than 25 years of experience in infrastructure, construction, oil & gas projects with extensive experience in project planning, monitoring, and control. Post graduated from Bradley University, IL with a Master’s degree in construction management, currently holding a leadership position at Petroleum Development Oman.

Amgad is joining Sudan NextGen as an expert in strategic planning. He will take the role of organizing the projects and streamlining with strategic goals & objectives, develop ranking & prioritization systems that are aligned with the requirements of Sudan transition government and all other international agencies & non-profit organizations.

Monitoring the implementation and execution of these projects will be an advantage for sponsors, experts, and the public, thanks for using SMART KPIs, up to date reporting systems and dynamic dashboards.






Academic Qualifications:

Graduated from the University of Khartoum, Faculty of Engineering & Architecture Jun. 1995
 Master’s degree in Construction Management, Bradley University, IL – USA May. 2002
 PMP Certified from Project Management Institute, May 2011 (PMP # 1410650).
 Membership, American Society of Civil Engineers ASCE, Mar 2001
 Specialist Engineer, Sudanese Engineering Council, Jun 1996 (Reg.# 1572)
 Presented, Sudanese Student Association at Bradley 2001
 Petroleum Development Oman best Creative Idea award for Concurrent Delay &
Extension of Time (EOT) Assessment – Apr. 2019


Work Experience:

Over twenty-five (25) years of extensive experience in planning, scheduling, budgeting and cost-control in various types of projects such as infrastructure, construction, oil & gas projects. The practical experience involved a diversity of projects in many countries as a control engineer and specialized in strategic planning. Worked in Cairo at Egyptian Investors Group (EIG) from 1998 to 1999, then traveled to the USA pursuing a master’s degree in construction management and worked as an internship at IDOT for US route-24 road project and also worked in Engineering
Consulting Services (ECS) in Virginia as a field inspector in the period from 1999 to 2003. Work experience also included housing projects in International City – Dubai with Limitless LLC as a planning engineer 2009.

Currently, Amgad is working in Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) since 2013, as Lead Planning & Control engineer for a number of major oil and gas projects in the Sultanate of Oman, including completing of phase 2 & 3 of Mabrouk field development project in addition to Mabrouk North-East which is the largest gas reservoir discovered in the Sultanate of Oman. Also, he worked in the development of Zauliyah Gas Plant a $500 million project and Budour-Integrated Project which is one of the largest 3 projects implemented by the company at a cost exceeding $ 1.8 billion.

Amgad worked for Sudapet Company from 2004 to 2013, one of the most important achievements is the development of Thar Jath field which included surface facilities, central processing plant, pipelines, and civil works, the engineering design stages carried out in Malaysia in 2004 and China in 2006. He also worked on Block 6 upstream facilities-development project and Foula project. also worked as deputy project manager for the construction of Sudapet headquarters building at Africa Street (2006-2009) and as a project manager for Petroleum Technical Center phase 1 & 2 (2009-2011).


One of the recognized proposals that aim to support the Government of Sudan in managing its strategic plans is “Mubadra application”. Mubadara is an electronic system that enables to cascade down high-level strategic goals to a manageable level of monthly & yearly work programs through controlled work process flow and streamlining the objectives of each governmental department or unit with the overall strategic plan. The application provides a platform to hub wide range of initiatives and project proposals; link & rank them based on pre-set criteria to reflect urgency & importance; filter and recommend the most feasible option; and helps to coordinate work with all stakeholders. The system is a powerful management tool to monitor the overall strategy performance by enforcing a restricted work-flow process, controlling budget approvals, measuring performance at every stage, issuing progress reports enabling timely decision-making.


Professional Courses and Seminars:

 Practical Project Monitoring, Reporting & Control. GLOMACS, Dubai Nov. 2006
 Tender Design & Evaluation Skills. Crown Agents, Worthing, UK Oct. 2007
 Strategic Planning – finance, budgeting & execution. EuroMaTech, Malaysia May 2009
 3Days MBA Finance. Terrapinn, Khartoum July 2010
 Fundamentals of Petroleum Economics. Schlumberger, July 2010
 Field development Project Management. GESCO Group – Egypt October 2010
 Management of Risk. LAD Management – Khartoum Oct 2013
 Many seminars at PDO learning & development center in Managing Team Performance,
Supervise People Processes, Team Diversity and Inclusion in addition to Process Safety
and HSE awareness Courses.