Dr. Ayah Elmaghrabi

Member Title: Pediatric Nephrologist
Organization: SAPA



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Education & Experience

College & Residency

  • University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Fellowship , Nephrology
  • University of Mississippi Medical Center, Residency , Pediatrics
  • University of Khartoum Faculty of Medicine, Medical School

Highly motivated and goal-oriented professional with over 27 years of successful experience in the Healthcare and
Pediatric Nephrology fields, including Private Practice Management, Training, Teaching, and Coaching. Proven team
leader with a natural ability to appreciate and inspire people, select a correct communication approach to every student, find compromises, solve problems and build long-term business relationships with students and colleagues. Successfully developed, led, and implemented strategic educational plans and provided innovative, practical solutions to ensure excellent results. Confident, flexible, and efficient in the fast-paced environment. Fluent in Arabic and English.


  • THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS – SOUTHWESTERN, Dallas, TX, the USA , Pediatric Nephrology Fellow | 2013-2016 Pediatric Nephrology Training at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and Children’s Medical Center Dallas.
  • UMST, KRT, Sudan Diploma in Research Methodology and Biostatistics | 2006
    Successfully completed three months of the course and the exam.
    Specialized in Pediatrics | 1995-1998 Successfully completed three years of Pediatric Residency training and Exam
  • THE UNIVERSITY OF K /FACULTY OF MEDICINE, KRT, Sudan, Bachelor in Medicine and Surgery (MBBS) | 1984-1991 Successfully completed six years of College and Medical Training.

Virginia State Medical License (# 0101252727) | 2012- Present
Arizona State Medical License (# 29009) | 2001-Present
Texas State Medical in Training License
Illinois State Medical License
Mississippi State Medical License
ASN -American Society of Nephrology
IPNA – International Pediatric Nephrology Association
AFPNA – African Pediatric Nephrology Association

Certified in Pediatric Nephrology by The American Board of Pediatrics | 2018
Recertified in Pediatrics by the American Board of Pediatrics | 2015
Certified in Pediatrics by The American Board of Pediatrics | 1998

PKDHC, Phoenix, AZ, the USA Aug 2016-March 2020, Pediatric Nephrologist
 Successfully served at Arizona Kidney Disease and Hypertension Centers (AKDHC)/Pediatric Kidney Disease and
Hypertension Centers (PKDHC), including Phoenix Children Hospital (PCH), Cardon Children Hospital, Maricopa
Medical Center and St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center.
 Collaborated with other physicians such as pediatric urologists, pediatric surgeons, and pediatric radiologists.
 Provided effective training programs to medical students and residents at PCH while establishing an exceptional
learning environment and consulting each student to ensure outstanding results.

THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS – Southwestern, Dallas, TX, the USA Jul 2013-Jun 2016 Pediatric Nephrology Fellow
 Completed Pediatric Nephrology training at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and Children’s
Medical Center Dallas and obtained in-depth knowledge in the field.
 Effectively conducted Clinical and Basic Science research, clinical rotations in the inpatient and outpatient, including general nephrology, dialysis, and transplant.
 Taught medical students and residents to improve their professional skillsets and knowledge.

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Consultant Pediatrician
 Provided teaching and training to medical students at the University of Khartoum, including preparing learning
materials and activities that engage and develop students.
 Ensured exceptional health care and training provided to the medical staff at the pediatric wards, emergency
department and referred clinic at Ahmed Gasim Children’s Hospital.

UMST, KRT, Sudan Mar 2010-Mar 2012
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Consultant Pediatrician
 Taught and trained medical students at the University of Medical Sciences & Technology (UMST).
 Provided high-level health care and coached medical staff at the pediatric wards, emergency department and
referred clinic at the Academy Teaching Hospital and at Gaafar Ibn Auf Children’s (GIAC) Hospital.

GIAC HOSPITAL and UMST, KRT, Sudan 2008-2010
Consultant Pediatrician – Gaafar Ibn Auf Children’s Hospital (GIACH)
 Served part-time at Pediatric Department, UMST as well as Attached Consultant at The Renal Unit, GIACH.
 Delivered pediatric consultancy for Khartoum International Community School (KICS), while communicating with
patients and staff to gather information about patient health and medical history.

UMST/Alban-Gadeed Hospital, KRT, Sudan 2006-2008
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Consultant Pediatrician
 Efficiently taught and trained medical students at UMST, nursing students and master in pediatric nursing students.
 Promptly provided training programs at pediatric wards, emergency department and referred clinic at the Al banGadeed Hospital.

PRIVATE PRACTICE – YUMA PEDIATRICS, Yuma, AZ, the USA 2005-2006, 2001-2003
Attending Pediatrician
 Provided health care through Sick and Well-child clinics in a timely manner.
 Successfully worked in a team at Yuma Regional Medical Center with attending privilege at the newborn nursery
and the pediatric wards.
 Performed as a Program Director and Regional Trainer for Reach Out and Read (ROR) program.

RIBAT AND OMDURMAN HOSPITALS, KRT, Sudan 2004-2005, Consultant Pediatrician
 Actively attended and supervised staff at pediatric wards, causality and referred clinic.
 Participated in and presented educational sessions, resulting in the improvement of healthcare service provision.

PRIVATE PRACTICE, Yuma, AZ, the USA 2003-2004. Attending Pediatrician
 Advised patients, parents or guardians, and community members, explained procedures and discussed test results
or prescribed treatments with patients while practicing as locum tenant.

Pediatric Resident
 Ensured effective health care and high-quality service while rotating through Pediatric wards, emergency and
ambulatory pediatrics in addition to Neonatal and Pediatric intensive care units.
 Actively collaborated with colleagues and various departments on child development, adolescent medicine,
pediatric cardiology, infectious diseases, radiology, and genetics.
 Directly provided effective training to medical students to improve their professional skill-sets.

IBN- SINA HOSPITAL, Khartoum, Sudan 1993 Medical officer
 Effectively worked as Medical Officer at the Urology department and later as a Medical director Assistant.

Khartoum and Soba Hospitals, Khartoum, Sudan 1991-1993 House officer
 Provided exceptional service while rotating through Medicine, Pediatrics, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology.

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 Clare J. Lindner and Ayah Elmaghrabi. Case Report of Shiga Toxin-Related Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome with a
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 Awad, K., Elmaghrabi, A., Medani, S., Abdelraheem, M. “The Prevalence and control of Hypertension among
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Travel Award for abstract submission to the 15th IPNA Congress 2010, NY, USA
Awarded Merits in Surgery and Physiology by the Faculty of Medicine, the University of Khartoum.

Pediatric Nephrology | Leadership | Motivation | Program Management | Training | Coaching | Mentoring
Teaching | Evaluation | Performance Management | Research | Data Management | Private Practice
Cross-Functional Communication | Documentation | Strategic Planning | Reporting | Teamwork
Analytical and Critical Thinking | Problem Solving | Organization | Teamwork | Time Management