Ahmed Malik

Junior Architect

Ahmed Malik-7a5aabc9
Animated Presentations | Project Design |
Arabic, English

I have designed several projects, done many post-production and animated presentation videos for projects, also designed several working drawings and detailed designs for many projects, documentation work, and shop drawing designs.

I have been a construction teaching assistant, a graduation project coordination assistant, and CAD teacher in Almughtaribeen University.

* Almughtaribeen University * College of Engineering Department of Architecture BSC (honors) Second Class
Work Experience
*Colosal for Engineering and Investment Co. Ltd 3rd of December 2018-1st of October 2019 *Engineering Consultants Group July 16th 2019 till now. *Teaching Assistance at Almughtaribeen University *Coordination Assistant at Almughtaribeen University CAD Lab Technician at Almughtaribeen University June 2019-Feb 2020