Mint Platform for Sudanese Curriculum

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Mint Platform for Sudanese Curriculum

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Mint Platform for Sudanese Curriculum

Our mission

Our mission is to provide interactive, electronic educational content using the latest technological systems through an advanced educational platform. This platform ensures the provision of quality education by enabling the student and the teachers to positively interact with each other in an easy, fun, and useful manner, with a lot of the potential for continuous improvement and development.


Our vision

Our vision is to contribute to achieving a comprehensive national renaissance and a promising future by providing distinctive and pioneering interactive e-learning locally and regionally. To learn more, please visit our website below.


معلومات المشروع

  • الاولويات القومية

    8- توظيف الشباب

  • اهداف التنمية المستدامة

    4- كفاءة التعليم

  • نوع المشروع

    تنمية, استثمار

  • حالة

    تم فحصه

  • نوع الكيان


  • المرحلة

    جاهز للتمويل

  • الفترة الزمنية


Project Manager Contact

  • الرقم
    +249 91 781 9900
  • الموقع او الفيسبوك
  • مدير المشروع
    الاستاذ/ عاطف سعد

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