Beams of light Initiative مبادرة مشاعل النور

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Beams of light Initiative مبادرة مشاعل النور

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Beams of light Initiative مبادرة مشاعل النور


To create  the first and best free k-12 online education in Sudan


To provide a good quality education that is free, sustainable, and accessible to all


Focused on equipping the youth with knowledge for the future and skills for life, Ms. Yousif saw the need to bridge an already existing gap in education that has now been widened due to the effects of COVID 19.

With thousands of students out of school for 9 months and despite technological and political obstacles in Sudan, she was able to call on volunteer teachers and start Whatsapp groups for the students. Together with her team, they were able to schedule classes and reach more than 1400 students in the primary and secondary school spectrums and recruit 20 teachers during the first month.

To learn more, please visit our website and Facebook group:

معلومات المشروع

  • اهداف التنمية المستدامة

    4- كفاءة التعليم

  • نوع المشروع

    تنمية, إنساني

  • حالة


  • نوع الكيان

    منظمة غير حكومية

  • المرحلة

    تحت التنفيذ

  • الفترة الزمنية

    مدى طويل

Project Manager Contact

  • الرقم
    +971 56 530 5551
  • مدير المشروع
    Ms. Eiman Yousif

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