Salamat Covid-19 Response

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Salamat Covid-19 Response

SALAMAT & SDI endeavour to fight COVID-19 pandemic in Sudan. We undertook a worthwhile deam project to provide reusable facial masks for every individual in the heath work force in all major hospitals in Sudan and

SALAMAT and SDI extend their deep gratitude and sincere appreciation to Asudan charity in Sudan, Fareeda Style Tailors and SALAMAT members Ameera, Fathia, Dr Alodeer and SALAMAT COVID 19 Rescue Committee (CRC)
A very big and warm thank you to all donors who made this project a shining success After a long process of to and from the above administration, The local product met their high quality standards and specifications and we were given the approval.
We are proud to say we enhance qualities and competitiveness of the local producers and we injected billions of Sudanese pounds into the economy.

Distributed the Masks to the following:

  • White Nile State - Minister of Education
  • Rofaa Hospitals, Educational hospital, Obstetrics Hospital, and children's hospital.
  • The director of Al-Hasheesa hospital received SALAMAT and SDI donated facial masks for the hospital working force to protect them and the public from COVID -19 spread
  • Madani Hospital in Algazeera state.
  • Sinnar State.
  • Nori, Dongola, Aldaba and Kareema Locality in the Northern State.
  • Kassala State.
  • Algadarif State.
  • Portsudan State.
  • East Darfur. West, Middle Darfur, South and North Darfur State.
  • North and South Kurdofan

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