2 MW AL GENEINA Solar Power Project

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2 MW AL GENEINA Solar Power Project

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2 MW AL GENEINA Solar Power Project

2 MW AL GENEINA Solar Power Project

General Scope of Work and Supply


1.0. Overview:
1.1. Introduction:
The aim of this project is to establish a reliable electric power supply to Al Geneina city isolated grid in the west part of Sudan by the construction of a solar power project.

1.2 Metrological Data:
Maximum Temperature 50 °C
Minimum Temperature 10 °C
Average Humidity 30%
Pollution level Normal

2.0. Technical Scope
The Project will require the design, engineering, procurement, construction, testing, commissioning, operation, and maintenance of a fixed tilted ground-mounted photovoltaic power plant of approximately 2 MWp installed PV power together with associated infrastructure and facilities.

2.1. Location
Al Geneina city is in the west region of Sudan at 13°26′N 22°26′E. The PV plant will be located in the southeast of Al Geneina city. The average annual solar irradiation rate is high at 2,370 kWh/m2. The terrain is flat and suitable for PV applications. The total available area for the PV plant is approximately one square kilometer.


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Project Manager Contact

  • الرقم
    +249 91 958 0997
  • مدير المشروع
    Dr. Mutwakkil

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