Prof. Yasmin Abusamra

منصب العضو Professor of Biochemistry and Chair of Medical Basic Sciences Department
المنظمة / جهة العمل Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, Arizona USA

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Professor Yasmin Abusamra received her B.Sc and M.S from University of Khartoum and her doctoral degree at Michigan State University. She previously taught biochemistry, genetics and molecular biology at Ibn Sinaa University in Sudan for 12 years. Now she is the Chair of  Medical Basic Sciences Department, a Chair of Institutional Research board (IRB), a member of Curriculum Committee and a member of  Academic Policy and Progress Committee at SCNM. Professor Yasmin’s research is focused on cytotoxicity, antioxidant activity, enzymatic inhibition and elemental composition of medicinal plants used in traditional medicine, with special emphasis on plants used in the treatment of diabetes, cancer and skin care.